Patterning Late Season Bucks with Trail Cameras

"Some might call these first weeks of December the lull, I would almost agree… it's nearly the only period in December that movement is slow. We have a little cold front moving through right now that might get deer moving during daylight but the warm weather will return and once again slow things down like it has this whole year.  This is the time where you need to take a break from hunting reevaluate your tactics, back out and make observations. This period will last for about a week or until the first cold front slams the Midwest. And when it does, you can make your move.

In order to prepare for that now is the time to move your trail cameras to the best locations to catch late season bucks, before the cold front arrives and they get locked on their late season patterns. This period from the first and second week of December on through the end of you season is not only one of the best times to kill a mature buck, it’s your only and last chance too."