Moultrie Mobile Delta Cameras Back in Stock!

Moultrie Rolls Out Impressive Lineup of New Products for 2021

The Archery Trade Association (ATA) Show is where companies, such as Moultrie introduce their newest products for the upcoming year. While this year’s in-person show was canceled due to COVID-19, Moultrie has still been hard at work designing, testing and manufacturing some of its most technologically advanced offerings yet. This includes a new cellular camera, external power supplies for cameras, new feeders and feeder accessories. Be sure to check back here frequently as these new products begin to be available at Here’s a preview of what’s new in 2021!

Moultrie Delta Cellular Game Camera

Leading the way is Moultrie’s flagship cellular game camera — the Delta. The Delta features industry-first High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging combined with best-in-class 32MP resolution. HDR imaging allows the Delta to capture enhanced detail in highlights and shadows — even in the most difficult lighting conditions. The camera’s 32MP ILLUMI-NIGHT 3 Sensor delivers images and video with vivid colors by day and crisp, bright clarity at night with invisible infrared flash.

The Delta further separates itself with up to 50% improved battery life than previous models. With longer battery life, the Delta will keep you connected longer without a trip to the field.

The camera is also equipped with onboard GPS for theft deterrence and easy device location on the map within the Moultrie Mobile app. Other key features include external antenna for better cellular coverage, video clip transmission with sound, adaptive trigger sensitivity for improved detection accuracy, 80-foot invisible flash range and detection, aim-assist LED for easy positioning, a 2-year warranty, and it’s available in Verizon and AT&T 4G. The Delta will sell for $99.99.

Dual Solar Battery Box

In order to keep your Delta or any Moultrie trail camera running longer in the field, Moultrie created two new external power sources. The new Dual Solar Panel Battery Box features a 12-volt rechargeable battery, weather-resistant hard case and 10-foot steel braided cord. The dual solar panels keep the internal battery fully charged even in shaded and cloudy conditions, so that your cell camera will keep on running. This power option sells for $79.99

Camera Power Panel Lithium

Another option for your cameras is the Camera Power Panel, which harnesses the sun’s energy with its solar panel, while an integrated 12-volt lithium battery stores the energy for use by your Moultrie camera. The Power Panel can extend your camera’s battery life for more than 2 years! The weather-resistant housing protects the panel from the element for a long life afield. The kit comes with a 10-foot cord allowing the Power Panel to be mounted in the spot that receives the most sunlight. The Power Panel can be attached to a tree, pole, tripod or placed on the ground if needed.  Works with Moultrie Mobile cameras and traditional Moultrie cameras made from 2007 until present and sells for $69.99.

Moultrie Deer Feeder 325 Tripod Feeder

Moultrie has exciting news on its feeder side, too! The Moultrie Deer Feeder 325 Tripod feeder is ideal for remote hunting properties. The new polymer feeder offers a large-capacity hopper that holds up to 325 pounds of feed. This means less disturbance in prime hunting areas to fill up feeders. The new hexagonal-shaped hopper is stronger than past models and the tripod legs are thicker and stronger to easily handle the additional weight. The new feeder is available with several different feeder kit options. And like all Quick-Lock feeders, it will accept any Moultrie Quick-Lock feeder kit (5 feeder kit models to choose from). The Moultrie Deer Feeder 325 Tripod feeder will sell for $219.99 to 279.99 depending on which feeder kit you choose.

Feed Station II

Moultrie introduces one of the easiest and hassle-free feeders on the market, the Feed Station II. Based off Moultrie’s popular Feed Station, the Feed Station II has been redesigned and upgraded with features that improve wildlife feeding and keep operation simple. The Feed Station II will hold a 50-pound bag of feed and now comes with dual feed ports. Each feed port features integrated rain shields and weep holes to keep feed dry. This gravity-style feeder can be used to feed corn, protein pellets, rice bran and any other type of wildlife feed. Another upgrade to the Feed Station II, is a new easy twist-on/twist-off lid. The feeder is quickly and securely strapped to a tree or post with the included strap. The Feed Station II sells for $26.99.

Peanut Butter Attractant

Moultrie introduced a new flavor to its granular-attractant line. Moultrie’s Peanut Butter Granular Attractant is a deer favorite that combines the powerful smell of PowerDraw with the high protein and fat content of roasted peanuts. Made with corn, roasted peanuts, rice bran and cereal grains — deer will seek out and feed on this powerful attractant. The high-fat and high-protein grains in Peanut Butter Granular make it a vital food for holding and maintaining healthy deer on your property. The blend has 15.5% crude protein, 8.5% crude fat and 13% calcium. Simply mix with other feeds, use in a gravity or trough feeder, or pour on the ground. It sells for $14.99

Moultrie Super Pro Mag Feeder Kit

Moultrie is always trying to improve on its product lineup and that includes their feeder and hunting accessories. First up is the Moultrie Super Pro Mag Feeder Kit that is built for a lifetime and even comes with a lifetime warranty! The Super Pro Mag features large-diameter, closely spaced 16-guage steel varmint guards to keep critters from reaching the four-outlet spin plate, which is designed to increase feed-coverage area.

A double battery compartment holds two 6-volt rechargeable batteries (not included) for twice the battery life. The Super Pro Mag will fit Moultrie 30 and 55-gallon metal-barrel feeders. The all-new design includes creature-comforts, such as easy battery access with a simple twist lock/unlock knob, new updated timer control with a durable sealed housing and coiled cord for easy reading and access, and removeable cleats offer a secure place to wrap loose solar-panel cords. The new timer includes 10 feed times, each 0-60 seconds duration, as well as days-of-the-week settings. It will sell for $129.99.

Moultrie Feeder Feet Gen. 2

The Moultrie Feeder Feet Gen 2 are the ultimate feeder feet for securing your tripod feeder. The aggressive “teeth” on the steel feeder feet bite deep into sandy and wet ground to give your feeder a super stable platform no matter the soil or terrain. Feet come with 10-inch ground stakes that are hammered through a pre-drilled hole in each foot to ensure a rock-solid hold. The kit includes 3 feeder feet, 3 adapters and 3 ground stakes. The feeder feet will fit 1 ¼ -inch round or square legs and the adapters will fit 1 ½-inch square legs and sell for $24.99.

Leveling Feeder Leg

For the land managers tired of stacking rocks under uneven feeders to level them, Moultrie’s Leveling Feeder Leg gives them freedom to place feeders nearly anywhere. Uneven feeders can cause issues with feed not funneling into feeder kit properly and also affects the pattern of the feed dispensed. The Leveling Feeder Leg inserts into the downhill feeder leg and can be adjusted in 1-inch increments to perfectly level the feeder. The leveling leg features a special feeder foot with aggressive steel “teeth” that bite deep into the ground for a solid hold. The Leveling Feeder Leg is designed to work with square-legged Moultrie tripod feeders and also comes with an adapter to fit larger 1 ¼-inch square legs. The Leveling leg will sell for $24.99.


Moultrie Universal Digital Timer II

The Universal Digital Timer II features an all-new design with enhanced features and function. This digital timer will replace any digital timer found in Moultrie’s 6-volt and 12-volt feeders. The new timer has the ability to program up to 10 feed times per day, each running from 0-60 seconds in duration. The timer will perform test runs for up to 60 seconds, too. The digital timer is enclosed in a durable housing to protect it from the elements and sells for $34.99.

Moultrie Feed Screen

The Moultrie Feed Screen is ideal when buying unfiltered corn in bulk or when spreading lime and fertilizer with your Moultrie ATV spreader. Unfiltered corn can have large chunks of corncob and other debris in it that will clog automatic spin-cast feeders. Likewise, bagged fertilizer and lime can have large chunks in it that will clog an ATV spreader. The Moultrie Screen captures these large pieces before going into the hopper. The screen is designed to securely fit into the mouth of all Moultrie 30-gallon Quick-Lock Hoppers, all new Deer Feeder 325 Hoppers, 15-gallon Directional Feeders and 15-gallon Moultrie ATV Spreaders. Save time and frustration with the Moultrie Feed Screen. Screen sells for $19.99.

Moultrie 6V/12V Charger

Many feeders and external battery options contain either a 6-volt or 12-volt rechargeable battery. Moultrie now offers one charger for both options. The Moultrie 6V/12V Charger can charge a 6-volt or 12-volt lead-acid rechargeable battery. Simply plug the charger into a standard 110V electrical outlet and connect the alligator clips to the battery terminals. A handy LED light on the charger indicates when the battery is charging or finished. Red means charging, yellow means 80-percent charged, and green means fully charged. The charger uses Float Charge Technology to ensure the battery stays fully charged while plugged in and sells for $14.99.

Moultrie 550lb Game Scale

If you practice quality deer management or collect data for a regional biologist, then you need accurate weight data. The Moultrie 550lb Game Scale is the ideal tool to accurately weigh game animals for record keeping and game management goals. This heavy-duty scale features an all-steel frame and includes two “S” hooks for attaching to a pulley system and gambrel. Quickly see the weight of your trophy with the large easy-to-read dial. The 550-pound capacity can accurately weigh the heaviest deer and hogs and sells for $29.99.

As you can see, the Moultrie team has been hard at work designing and creating new hunting products to help hunters be more successful. Be sure to check out often over the next several months as many of these new products will soon be available for sale.