Moultrie Cameras at ATA 2019

The Moultrie Mobile crew hasn’t slept much in 2018 and it was evident when the doors opened at the 2019 Archery Trade Association (ATA) Show in Louisville, Kentucky on January 10. The biggest news at the show was the release of the XV-7000i and XA-7000i integrated cellular cameras that run on the nation’s largest 4G networks — Verizon and AT&T. The XV-7000i runs on the Verizon 4G network and XA- 7000i operates on AT&T’s 4G network and both deliver images from the field directly to your smart phone, tablet and computer. Both cameras feature 20-megapixel images, iNVISIBLE flash, 80-foot detection and flash range, illumi-Night 2 sensor for crisp and clear night images, blazing .3 second trigger speed, and records 1080p video with audio. All these features are powered by 12 AA batteries. Perhaps the best feature of the new integrated cameras is the price tag — $179.99. Check out the video on the new Moultrie Mobile products.

Also new for this year, is the MV2 and MA2 Cellular Field Modem. The MV2 operates on the Verizon 4G network and the MA2 on the AT&T 4G network. Each modem is compatible with most Moultrie game cameras dating back to 2015. Simply activate the modem and plug it into your existing camera via a USB cable to enjoy game camera images directly to your smart phone, tablet and computer. Modems sell for $119.99.

Moultrie Cell Cameras

Moultrie Mobile monthly data plans start at $9.99 and there are no contracts or activation/cancellation fees. Moultrie Mobile subscribers work directly with Moultrie, so it doesn’t matter who your current cell-phone provider is. Moultrie Mobile users access images through computer with their online account or via the industry-leading Moultrie Mobile app on their smartphone and tablet or the website via computer.

Moultrie Mobile didn’t stop with the new hardware though. While at ATA, Moultrie launched another free service for their customers — Image Recognition. Image Recognition makes the world’s smartest wireless game-camera system even smarter. Moultrie Mobile’s self-learning technology utilizes Object Detection to scan game camera images for instances of deer or turkey. If detected, a Smart Tag is automatically added, allowing for instant sorting of images by species. Gone are the days of manually sorting through trail camera pictures. Image Recognition does the work for you. The best part — the software will only get better the more it is used. In the future look for it to apply tags to bucks, humans, and more!

Moultrie also launched some new trail cameras during the ATA Show. New for the A-Series is the A700iA700A300i, and A300. All models boast infrared flash technology, 17,000-image battery life, and fast trigger speeds, and each comes with a two-year warranty, making them ideal for budget-conscious hunters unwilling to sacrifice performance. A-Series cameras start at $89.99 and go up to $109.99.

Moultrie is excited about the addition of three new models to its lineup of feature-rich Management Series game cameras in 2019. True to M-Series form, the M8000iM8000, and M4000i cameras each boast high-resolution image quality, super-bright nighttime photos, and blazing fast trigger speeds, making them ideal for capturing highly detailed images along trails and scrape lines and at feed sites, alike. M-Series cameras start at $119.99 and go up to $159.99.

Moultrie additionally launched a new line of attractants and supplements — Deer Magnet Liquid, Deer Magnet Granular, Deer Magnet Earth, and Deer Magnet Spray are all new for 2019. The Deer Magnet series of products is infused with a proprietary, extended-range formula called PowerDraw® that combines powerful aromatics with a potent flavor that deer prefer over natural forage. The unique blend draws deer from a distance and keeps them coming back to the source. Flavors include Persimmon, Green Apple and Acorn. Deer Magnet Earth is a new mineral attractant.

Moultrie Attactants at ATA 2019

Moultrie Feeders also released a new Gravity Feeder Kit for its 30-Gallon feeders. The reinforced Quick-Lock Gravity Feeder quickly attaches to current Moultrie Quick-Lock Feeders and has three feeder heads with adjustable flow valves. The new feeder attachment is ideal for protein feed and corn.

Keep an eye out at your local retailers and on our website as these new products will begin to become available over the next few months. Moultrie is excited about its new line of quality products designed by and built for hunters. We’re also glad we can take a break…not! We’re well under way designing and building new product offerings for 2020!

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