Moultrie Mobile Field Modem MV1 Earns Recognition

It’s been a couple of years since the introduction of the Moultrie Mobile Field Modem. In that short time, Moultrie’s wireless trail camera system has delivered tens of millions of images to hunters. Each photo, a potential glimpse into the upcoming season. The centerpiece of Moultrie Mobile is the Field Modem MV1. Just like modems found in millions of American households, the Field Modem MV1 uses a cellular network to transfer data wirelessly to the end user’s device. In the case of a wireless game camera system, the device is usually either a home computer or a smartphone.

Moultrie is a well-established leader in the trail camera industry. So, before the launch of its wireless game camera modem, the product was thoroughly tested to meet the company’s stringent requirements. The result was the Field Modem MV1 and a series of compatible game cameras. By creating a separate modem, Moultrie was able to build a system of products that offered consumers greater feature flexibility at a range of price points.

Maybe it was for those reasons that Field & Stream Magazine recently named the Field Modem MV1 as a Best Hunting Gear of 2017 selection. What’s known for sure is that the iconic publication described the wireless field modem as “worth every penny.” With more upgrades, enhancements, and improvements planned, the entire Moultrie Mobile product line will remain a top choice for hunters looking to add wireless convenience to their scouting game. In the meantime, Moultrie is very honored to have the Field Modem MV1 selected for recognition by Field & Stream.