Those lucky enough to attend the 2018 ATA show were treated to a peek at Moultrie’s newest game cameras and feeders. Among the many highlights was the introduction of the A-25 and A-40 Pro cameras. The latest models in this continuously evolving line bring technology like the Illumi-Night Sensor, video with audio, and increased resolution to an already popular series of game cameras. Both the A-25 and A-40 Pro lines include models with Moultrie’s iNVISIBLE Infrared LED illumination. Moving up the price point, Moultrie also displayed its new M-50 and M-50i cameras. Both models feature an upgrade to the Illumi-Night 2 Sensor, a technology previously reserved for Moultrie’s more high-end products. Tremendous interest was also shown for the innovative Moultrie M-BTi. At first glance, the smaller proportions of the M-BTi might seem to indicate lesser capabilities, but in reality there’s a lot more to this game camera than meets the eye. By utilizing Bluetooth, Moultrie was able to do away with the traditional settings panel, replacing it with the simple-to-use SmartSet™ app. Like the other new M-Series cameras, the M-BTi also includes the advanced Illumi-Night 2 Sensor. An affordable panoramic was also announced. As its name implies, the P-120i includes a 120-degree field of view and iNVISIBLE Infrared LED illumination.

A kiosk devoted to the company’s industry-leading Moultrie Mobile product line gave attendees the opportunity to demo the latest version of the Moultrie Mobile app. The demo generated a lot of interest, giving Moultrie an effective way to highlight the more intuitive user experience, streamlined functionality, and expanded viewing options offered by the improved app. The new year promises to be an eventful one with more to come from Moultrie Mobile.

For those anxious to try the new app for themselves, the demo is still available. Download the Moultrie Mobile app from the App Store or Google Play. Open the app then enter for the email address and 1234567! as the password.

The storyline with Moultrie in 2018 is about innovating new capabilities while lowering the access point for existing technologies. Although clearly evident in its game cameras, the emphasis on innovating also found its way into new Moultrie feeders. The NXT Hunter Feeder Kit represents the next generation of Moultrie feeder technology. Advanced features like BackSpin™ that sense a clog and momentarily reverse the spin to break it up, a cake-free spinner plate design, and an electric varmint guard with low-drain circuitry all speak to Moultrie’s commitment to enhancing feeder performance and reliability through unique solutions. For 2018, the NXT Hunter Feeder Kit will also be fitted to a 30-gallon hopper to create the all-in-one Deer Feeder Unlimited, featuring an adjustable height of 5.5 to 8 feet.

With two new directional feeders announced, Moultrie is making serious inroads into products that can occupy both the game and fish feeder segments. The 30-Gallon Quick-Lock Directional Feeder features Moultrie’s new Quick-Lock Directional Feeder Kit with agitating spinner plate design and 30-degree casting coverage. This new directional extends Moultrie’s popular Quick-Lock system of tool-less assembly. The all-metal Wildlife Directional Feeder brings Moultrie know-how for rugged dependability to the premium feeder category. Built like a tank, the Wildlife Directional  casts feed up to 45 feet and includes a patented system featuring internal agitation for improved clog-free performance. The feeder kits for both new directionals are available as separate items. Moultrie’s emphasis on innovating and expanding its feeder selection is certain to make a positive impression with consumers. But then if ATA was any indication, Moultrie can expect a very favorable reception to all its new products in 2018.