thieves caught on Moultrie Camera

While there have been some crazy happenings caught on camera over the years, Utah hunter “Skip” Sheldon Roberts didn’t expect to capture Park City Assistant Attorney Polly Samuels McLean and her husband Andrew McLean stealing his treestands and another game camera on September 4, 2018.

 “I went up to go hunting in Park City, Utah,” says Roberts. “I was checking my trail cams on the way up to my treestand. I discovered the attached photo on a camera just down the trail. I zoomed in and thought it looked like my treestands were on this guy’s back.”

 Roberts has been legally hunting mule deer and elk on this section of public land for 5 years. In that time, he’s had another game camera stolen and on numerous occasions someone will smear mud over his camera lens, so he can’t get pictures. “Earlier this year I had the strap ripped off and the camera was hanging by the cable lock. The picture was of an approximately 10-year-old boy with his dad standing in the background,” says Roberts.

 Roberts has followed the law to a “T” with all of his hunting equipment, but that didn’t stop the McLeans from stealing his equipment. Once Roberts got to his hunting spot, he discovered that his treestands and another camera were in fact gone. Anti-hunters are bold and destructive in this part of Utah. So much so, that hunters have started to use social media to help one another when their equipment is damaged or stolen. Roberts posted the pictures to one of these sites, which helped identify the woman as a city employee.  

 As Roberts was driving off the mountain and back down into civilization, he passed through a residential area below where he hunts. As he was doing so, he happened to see a dog that looked identical to the one in the photo with the people who stole his stands. Roberts tells the story form here.

 “The dog pictured in the camera was instrumental in catching the thieves. I saw the dog running up the road as I was heading down through the neighborhood. There were three little girls on the side of the road and I asked them if that dog was theirs? They said, ‘No, but it is heading home now.’ I turned my car around and followed the dog. It veered off the road and went and sat down on the porch. As I was calling the police back to give them the address, a car pulled up and two women got out. One of them looked just like the woman on the camera.

 “The woman approached my car and asked if she could help me with something? I told her yes and showed her the picture. I asked if that was her and her dog? She said, ‘Yeah possibly, what is it concerning?’ I scrolled over to show the picture of her husband and said, ‘It appears that your husband has two of my treestands and trail cam on his back. Do you happen to know where they are because I really want them back?’ She looked concerned about the picture and acted nervous. Then the husband came down the hill on a mountain bike. I went through the same conversation with him. He had similar responses. I told them that I have contacted the police and they will be at their house later that night. His response was, ‘Great, we will be here all night.’

 The police did show up at the McLean’s and with the evidence from Robert’s Moultrie camera and his hunting property located at the residence of the perpetrators, the couple was arrested on September 6, and now face felony theft charges as well as misdemeanor charges for criminal mischief. For full news story, click here.