Moultrie Attractant and Supplement Buyer’s Guide

Supplement Guide

There are a lot of supplements and attractants on the market and it can be hard to know when to use what. In general, an attractant will attract deer onto a property and within shooting range of a treestand. A supplement is often a source of valuable nutrients formulated specifically for deer to help grow antlers and fawns, as well as maintain the overall health of the animal.

An attractant can be a feed-based product or a sweet smelling and salty flavored liquid that attracts deer and other wildlife. Most attractants have a powerful scent attraction to draw animals in from a long distance. While a supplement also has a powerful scent to draw deer in, they also have beneficial minerals that bucks use to grow antlers and pregnant does use for developing fawns and while lactating after fawns are born. Let’s take a detailed look at both, so you can decide when and how to use them.

Liquid Attractants

Deer Magnet Liquid Attractant

Liquid Attractants

Moultrie offers several flavors of liquid attractant for deer. The Deer Magnet series features an Acorn, Persimmon and Green Apple flavor. All three of these attractants feature the PowerDraw formula, which is engineered to draw deer in from long distances and the proprietary flavor keeps them coming back for more. While the Deer Magnet liquids work exceptionally well at bringing deer into your hunting area, they also contain vital minerals for antler growth and fawn development. So, Deer Magnet actually combines an attractant with a mineral formula.

Uses: Because of its mineral formula, Deer Magnet Liquid can be poured directly into existing mineral licks or use on newly created licks to draw deer to them faster. You can also pour the thick liquid attractant onto rotten stumps near your stand sites and deer will literally eat the stump all while gaining the nutrients from the deposited minerals.

Deer Magnet Liquid Spray

Liquid Spray

Deer Magnet Spray is an attractant only. It contains the PowerDraw formula to bring deer in from long distances and is offered in two flavors that deer love: Persimmon and Green Apple. It comes in a convenient 24-ounce spray bottle, so that it can easily fit in a hunting pack.

Uses: Deer Magnet spray can be used a number of ways. When hunting, it can be used to draw deer into range of your stand. Liberally spray the Green Apple or Persimmon sprays on vegetation and leaves around your treestand. The deer will actually eat the vegetation that has been sprayed. It can also be used on feed. Once you’ve spread feed on the ground or set up a feeder, spray the liquid over the feed to help draw deer in faster.

Granular Attractants

Deer Magnet Granular Attractant

Liquid Spray

The Deer Magnet line also includes a granular attractant series. The granular series consist of feed-based foods that provide valuable proteins, fats and carbohydrates to your deer herd. Deer Magnet Granular Attractants provide quality nutrition to bucks growing antlers and does pregnant with and nursing fawns. It’s offered in three flavors: Green Apple, Persimmon and Acorn.

Uses: Deer Magnet Granular Attractants is a powerful attractant with potent deer-craving smells and flavors, but it is a quality feed, too. It can be poured into trough and gravity feeders, spread over corn piles and mixed into feed to draw in deer faster. It can be poured directly onto the ground near your treestand to draw deer in close for a shot. 

 Pecan Pie Attractant

Pecan Pie

Another popular food attractant is Moultrie’s Pecan Pie. Deer go crazy over the real pecans used in Pecan Pie. It has a sweet smell that deer can detect a long distance down wind. Pecan Pie attractant contains proteins, fats and carbs, essential to a deer’s health.

Uses: Pecan pie can be poured directly on the ground within range of your treestand to draw deer in for a shot. It can be mixed with corn or poured on top of a feed pile to add a sweet smell and flavor to the feed. The crushed-powder blend will work in gravity feeders and spin feeders.

 Mineral Supplement

Mineral Supplement

Moultrie offers two mineral supplements: Deer Magnet Earth Granular Mineral and Trophy Maker. Trophy Maker contains calcium and phosphorous, which are the two most abundant minerals in hardened antler, as well as other minerals and trace minerals. Deer Magnet Earth Granular Mineral features a slightly higher calcium and phosphorous blend as well as other trace minerals. Trophy Maker contains molasses while Deer Magnet does not.

Uses: Both of these mineral supplements are designed to provide deer with valuable minerals that bucks need for antler growth and does need for fawn development. Simply clear a spot on the ground and pour the mineral on the bare soil. You can slightly mix it into the soil with a rake or shovel, but it’s not necessary. It’s best to place mineral sites close to water as deer will usually drink water after visiting a mineral site. Start mineral sites in late winter and keep them running through late fall for best results. Refresh your mineral sites every 5 to 6 weeks to keep them active.

Feed Booster

Feed Booster

Feed Booster is designed to enhance grain-based feeds for wildlife. Its potent aroma draws deer in fast as they look for the food source.

Uses: Feed Booster is mixed directly in with corn to keep deer coming back to the irresistible flavor and smell. With built-in flavor enhancers, deer keep coming back to your feed site to get more. You can mix Feed Booster with corn in an automatic-spincast feeder or a gravity or trough feeder. Feed Booster can be poured over feed on the ground as well.

Bear and Hog Attractants

Bear Attractants

Moultrie also has a line of Bear Magnet attractants for baiting and hunting black bears. Black bears are suckers for sweet and savory foods. That’s why the best bear guides in North America use doughnuts and bacon grease for their bait sites. Bear Magnet is offered in Raspberry Jelly Doughnut, Blueberry Pie and Savory Bacon. These three scented flavors are irresistible to bears and will draw them in from miles away.

Uses: All three of these flavors consist of a thick, greasy formula that soaks into whatever it’s poured on. Bear Magnet liquid works great at established bait sites or while creating a new one. Pour it directly onto feed or other bait, pour onto rotten stumps, tree trunks or directly onto the ground within shooting distance of your stand or blind.

 Wild Hog Attractants

Wild Hog Attractants

Wild hogs don’t have the best sight in the animal kingdom, but what they lack in vision they more than make up for with their sense of smell. Feral hogs rely on their nose to find food and that’s why Moultrie’s Tusk Taker attractants work so well. Tusk Taker is available in the super sweet smell of green apple and sweet corn — two powerful wild hog attractants.

Uses: Tusk Taker consists of a thick, sticky liquid that remains potent for a long time. It can be poured directly onto feed when establishing a bait site or poured over an existing bait location for extra drawing power. Because of the thick, sticky liquid it can be poured directly on the ground near your stand, on tree trunks, rotten stumps and logs and even into hog wallows. Tusk Taker is ideal for putting wild hogs within range of your hunting location and it keeps them coming back for more.