Hunting Tips

Buck Captured on Game Camera

Outdoor Life: How to Pattern Bucks During the Rut

“They say it can’t be done. I do not agree. When the rut arrives, chaos ensues, deer run wild, and any attempt at patterning a buck is futile. At least that’s what we’ve been told over the years,” says Outdoor Life author, Mark Kenyon. “But recent research has shown that this commonly held belief seems to be nothing more than a myth.” According to the Quality Deer Management Association, “During the fall, these bucks (that were collared) spent less time just randomly walking around, and instead every 20-28 hours would revisit 2 to 5 focal points within their home range.” That means bucks don’t wander aimlessly during the rut...

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Buck Captured on Moultrie Game Camera

Outdoor Life: When Should You Check Your Trail Cameras?

“A trail camera can be a hunter’s best friend, but if used improperly they can also be your worst enemy. The risk in using trail cams lies in the hunters’ addiction to looking at the photos too often. So the question then becomes, when should you check your cameras?” This article from Outdoor Life explains what you should do to avoid putting pressure on local deer...  

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Girl Bowhunting Out of Tree

5 Easy Tips for a Stress-free Hunt

Hunter Nicole McClain offers practical tips to make your life easier out in the field. Her first advice: “Do you really need to take your gut hook and gloves \to your treestand or hunting blind? Do you need two doe bleats and two buck calls? I’m a person who makes sure the bases of planning are covered, like taking a headlamp and a mini-light, but I always go through my pack before each hunt and ask myself what I need to take for this hunt...

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Man Setting Up Game Camera On Tree

18 Ways to Get More Out of Your Game Camera

Game cameras are one of the most important tools in any game manager's arsenal, if used and maintained properly.  Read up on these tips that will help you get the most out of your game camera this season, and seasons to come.

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Three Deer In Woods

What is a Bachelor Group Anyway?

All throughout the summer and into the early season you’ve consistently been spotting groups of bucks, glassing fields, and checking your game cameras. However, the last few days before the start of hunting season have been a disappointment. A lone deer has appeared here or there, but those bunches of bucks seem to have vanished like smoke. What happened here?

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Man Preparing to Scout Land

Pre-Season Preparation

If you dream about close encounters with heavy-beamed whitetails, and you dread long, unproductive hours in a treestand, get in the woods now and do your homework.  By taking the time to scout before the season begins, you can increase the odds of experiencing your best deer-hunting season, yet.

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Venison On a Plate

Costly Mistakes = Bad Tasting Venison

Want great tasting venison? Follow our easy steps to avoid potential mistakes that render it inedible. Use a trusted wild game butcher, or cut meat yourself, to ensure uncontaminated, quality venison. When trimming deer meat, remove excess fat, connecting tissues, and sinew, or meat will taste bitter and be hard to cut. Remember to marinate meat for at least a full day to keep venison from tasting strong or wild. For more advice on getting delicious deer meat, read the full story at

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Two Whitetail Deer Grazing in a Field

7 Secrets For Yearlong Success

Want to increase your chances of tagging award-winning bucks? It’s possible, with deer management tactics that keep them returning to your property year-round. Tactic #1: Prevent deer from seeking refuge in your neighbor’s yard by providing them easy access to food, water, and wooded sanctuaries. Tactic #2: Hang multiple stands to give yourself more shot opportunities and to keep deer from tracking your location. For more deer hunting secrets, read the full story at  

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