Turkey by their very nature are wanderers. So, how do you get them to ignore their wanderlust and stay put on your land? The answer is simple; feed. But how you go about it takes a little thought.

When it's time to mate, turkeys tend to settle down in one area, as long as it meets their needs. They like spots with strutting zones, nesting areas, roosting trees, water sources, and, of course, food sources. Your land may not check all those boxes, but you can still take steps that will greatly improve your odds of keeping turkey on your property.

Take to the road.

Spread feed on your roads. Since turkey like to roam, use your roads to promote that behavior while keeping them on your land. Just first be sure to check your local laws for feeding. Use corn, cracked corn, or millet. Feed once a week until regulations require you to stop.

Feeders are your friends.

Gravity feeders like Moultrie's Feed Station are affordable, so you can set up multiple locations on your property. This strategy lets you test spots to see which are the most productive. Multiple feeders also let you try different types of feed to gauge results. Place cameras near the feeders to confirm that it is turkey who are visiting your feeders.

Burn it down.

Turkeys love freshly turned ground or ground that's been recently burned because it gives them new feeding opportunities. If you take this approach, give the burned area enough time to become established with the turkey. Don't make any significant changes to the location within three weeks of turkey season.