Game Management

Collage of photos of Moultrie feeders featuring four different kinds of feeder kits: gravity, broadcast, directional, and auger

The 411 on Moultrie's Feeder Kits

Whether you call them feeder kits (as we do), motors, control units, or something else, the mechanism or attachment that dispenses feed is the heart and soul of your Moultrie feeder. We're here to help you explore all of Moultrie's feeder kits and their features so that you can decide which one best fits your needs.

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How To Age A Whitetail Deer On Sight

Better deer management starts with the ability to accurately field-judge the approximate age of a buck. Here are some quick-hitting tips that will help you make the best decisions this season.

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Why Use Trail Cameras During The Summer

Who deosn't like seeing velvet antlers grow bigger by the day? Summer is a great time to run trail cameras for other reasons than just antlers. Here's where to place your cameras for some early-season intel. 

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Using Deer Feeders to Pattern Mature Bucks

From deer feeders capable of holding hundreds of pounds of feed to deer feeders that hold a few gallons, every feeder type is designed with a purpose in mind. Understanding the purpose and how deer feeders will (or won’t) impact deer movement is important to understanding how you can use a feeder to get deer on a pattern of use.

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