Food Plot

You’ve decided feeders are the right choice for your hunting needs. Great! Now, which type of feeder do you want: gravity or spin-cast?


Spin-cast feeders are one of the most versatile feeder options available. Here’s why:

Programmable Timer

Moultrie’s Spin-Cast Feeders have Programmable Timers
Most Moultrie’s Spin-Cast Feeders have
Programmable Timers

Spin-cast feeders feature a battery-powered motor and most models feature a programmable timer for easy, dependable feeding. You have the ability to set the timer for up to six feedings per day, throwing feed for 1 to 20 seconds at a time. A programmable feeder not only releases a limited amount of feed per setting to help keep feed dry, but it can also help train wildlife to visit the feeder during the daylight hours.

Conserves Feed

Another benefit to spin-cast feeders is that they conserve feed. Deer and other wildlife can only eat what has been dispensed, which makes feed last a lot longer.

Variety of Sizes and Options

Moultrie Deer Feeder Elite Tripod
Moultrie Deer Feeder Elite Tripod

Moultrie spin-cast feeders come in variety of size depending on your needs. Feeders range in size from a simple 5-gallon feeder to a 30-gallon size to a 55-gallon Pro Magnum feeder, which holds 400 pounds of feed. There are plenty of other models available, too. Some have varmint guard protection, others have directional feeding capabilities.

Directional Feeding Abilities

Directional feeders are ideal for placing in the corner of fields or along roads, where a 360-degree feeding application might waste feed by throwing it into thickets or inaccessible areas. Directional feeders work great as a fish feeder for farm ponds or lakes.


So, after reading about all of the benefits of a programmable spin-cast feeder, why would anyone want a gravity feeder? There are actually a number of good reasons to use a gravity feeder.


The first reason you may want a gravity feeder is for the simplicity. There are no moving parts, batteries or motors, so there’s nothing that can stop working

No Limit in Feeding

Moultrie’s Feed Station
Deer and wildlife can also come and go as they please, they want while at the feeder. This is essential when setting up a supplemental-feeding program during the summer months. Land managers who feed deer high-protein feeds with minerals in them help bucks reach antler potential and does get the nutrients they need to grow developing fawns and produce milk. You don’t want to limit the amount of high-quality feed during the summer growing months, so your best option is a gravity-style feeder.
Feed Station

Variety of Sizes and Options

Moultrie’s Feed Station
Moultrie offers a gravity Feed Station that will hold 40 pounds of feed and a Feed Station Pro that holds 80 pounds of feed. Both feeders strap directly to a tree. For big-time supplemental-feeding programs you can get 30 and 55-gallon Dinner Plate Feeders.
30-Gallon Dinner Plate

Moultrie Feeders are Interchangeable

NXT Feeder Kit using Quick-Lock Technology
Quick-Lock technology allows motors to be moved from one feeder to another, prevents you from having to buy specific types of motor kits for certain feeders, and keeps you from abandoning older feeders.

With Moultrie’s Quick-Lock technology, you can easily transition your feeder from a spin-cast feeder to a directional feeder, or even to a dinner plate gravity feeder. Quick-Lock technology is tool free, making it easier to get in and out of the woods. Just insert the kit into the Quick-Lock adapter, twist and lock. It’s as simple as that. All Moultrie Feeders are interchangeable, with the exception of the Feed Station feeders.
NXT Feeder Kit using Quick-Lock Technology

As you can see, Moultrie makes a feeder for all of your wildlife-feeding needs. However, before purchasing a feeder, ask yourself what is your goal for feeding, what do you want to accomplish and then ask will a spin-cast or gravity feeder be the best option?

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