Pre Season Deer Feeder Tips with Moultrie

May 28, 2015

Have you ever thought to disinfect the inside of your feeder? We have 5 feeder tips you need to know. Like Dan Moultrie, our product manager Darrin Durham is a feeder expert. These are his exclusive tips that you should take into consideration before filling your feeder this summer. Read More

Gamekeepers | Warm Season Planting Tip to Increase Fawn Survival and Grow Bigger Bucks

May 27, 2015

Temperatures are rising and antler development is in full swing, which means the summer months are upon us. High quality food sources are important for proper development of does and bucks. Read about the 1 Simple Tip for Growing Bigger Bucks and Increasing Fawn Survival.  Read More

White Winged Gobbler Patterned With Patience

May 14, 2015

“Let em’ walk” is a phrase often expressed by trophy deer hunters and game managers in search of mature whitetails; however, letting a full grown, white-winged gobbler walk out of bow range, not only once but, multiple times, is an extraordinarily rare occurrence in the turkey woods. For the past couple of seasons Travis Faulkner, Pro Staff for Moultrie Products and Knight & Hale Game Calls, has had several encounters with a, not so elusive, white winged gobbler. Read More

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