How To Process Your Own Deer

April 28, 2014

After bagging a first-rate whitetail, some hunters hesitate to process their own deer. Many believe expensive equipment and years of experience are required to get quality cuts. Lindsay Thomas Jr. of the Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA) dispels these myths and simplifies the steps for processing deer. From the backstraps to the neck—even the heart—every inch of the deer should be considered when looking for prime cuts. The following tips will arm you with the knowledge to process venison for stews, jerky, and burgers. Why depend on a butcher for processing your deer, when you can save money and get the choicest meat by doing it yourself? For the full story, visit Summit Treestands.            Read More

Broadhead Selection

April 23, 2014

Bowhunters know that the right equipment determines yield, but selecting the right broadhead for your hunt is difficult without the facts. Choosing the right broadhead depends on the type of animal you plan to hunt. Bowhunting large animals, such as elk, moose, and caribou, requires a broadhead that can penetrate an animal’s thick ribs, while a broadhead made for distance is necessary when hunting skittish whitetails, antelope, and mule deer. From mechanical to fixed broadheads, we’ll examine all the pros and cons so you make an accurate decision. For the full story, including additional tips for selecting the best broadhead for turkeys and wild hogs, visit      Read More

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