For the Love of the Game

October 28, 2014

If you’re an avid hunter, you know that the thrill of the sport is about much more than the kill. It’s about challenging yourself to do your best, experiencing the great outdoors, and most of all, spending time with the ones you love.  Dan Moultrie, founder of Moultrie Feeders and Game Cameras, agrees saying that nothing is more fulfilling to him as a hunter than having the opportunity to pass the love for the sport down to his children. In fact, Moultrie is so zealous about hunting, conservation and land management that he built his life around these passions and has raised his children to embrace them as well.  Read More

Chris Brackett’s 2 Short Buck

October 17, 2014

For the past three years, Chris Brackett, Midwest whitetail expert and host of Fear No Evil, has been patterning an elusive buck near his home in Central Illinois.  What’s unusual is that in all of this time, whether scouting or hunting the property, Brackett has never once laid eyes on this deer.  He’s only known that this unusual, 165-inch beast existed from the evidence captured on his Moultrie Game Cameras. Read More

Moon Phase Affect on Whitetail Rut Activity

October 16, 2014

There's a belief among deer hunters that the timing of the full moon affects how and when whitetail deer are most actively breeding during the rut. If this were the case, knowing such information could help you plan for the best time to hunt. Contrary to popular belief, the moon phase does not have an affect on the whitetail rut, according to a new scientific study. Read More

18 Ways to Get More Out of Your Game Camera

October 3, 2014

Game cameras are one of the most important tools in any game manager's arsenal, if used and maintained properly.  Read up on these tips that will help you get the most out of your game camera this season, and seasons to come. Read More

Does Lunar Phase Affect Deer Activity?

October 1, 2014

My brain hurts. I was asked to write about how the moon affects deer movement and I’ve gone over pages and pages of scientific research, magazine articles and deer hunting website forum messages from normal hunters like me, and I’m no closer to a final answer than when I started. Read More

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