Best Network for Cellular Trail Cameras

Moultrie Mobile added AT&T 4G service to its lineup of cellular trail cameras and modems in 2019. Both the MA2 cellular field modem and the XA-7000i cellular trail camera run on the AT&T network. Moultrie Mobile also has Verizon 4G game cameras in the XV-7000i cell camera and MV2 cellular field modem. With the nation’s two largest networks, there’s a good chance one or both of the networks will get coverage in your area. But how do you choose?

It Doesn’t Matter Who Your Cell Phone Provider Is

We often get the question, “Does it matter who my cell phone provider is?” Moultrie Mobile wants you to enjoy receiving your trail camera photos on your smartphone, not worrying about who the provider is. With Moultrie Mobile, you pay a low monthly fee for the number of images that you choose and there is NEVER an activation fee or cancelation fee. You simply enter you credit or debit card info when you activate your camera or modem and you’ll be charged once per month for the plan you chose. With Moultrie Mobile, you never deal with a phone company.

Choose The One With The Best Coverage

So, what will it be — AT&T or Verizon? You know your hunting area better than anyone. We always recommend that you go the provider that offers you the best cell coverage in your area. If you or your hunting buddies get the best cell phone coverage with Verizon, then choose the XV-7000i or MV2 field modem. If you know that AT&T offers the best cell-phone coverage in your area, then choose the XA-7000i or MA2 field modem. It’s that easy!