Bear Magnet Savory Bacon

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  • Thick, super-greasy liquid sticks and stays for maximum bear attraction
  • Works even better than pouring bacon grease on the ground!
  • Concentrated enough for use alone or blended with other bait
  • Pour directly on food sources, stumps, trees or the ground near your stand
  • 1 gallon bottle


Pour on this greasy liquid featuring the tantalizing aroma of bacon drippings fresh from the frying pan and watch the bear activity at your bait sites soar.

Super-charge your bait site and attract more bears with Moultrie’s Bear Magnet, a thick liquid formula that comes in 3 irresistible flavors. Draw bears from all around with the mouthwatering, meaty smell of bacon fried in sizzling hot grease. Who doesn’t love the taste of bacon? Bears sure do and have terrific noses and a great memory for where food can be found. It only takes one taste of Moultrie’s Savory Bacon Bear Magnet to start a feeding frenzy and keep them coming back for more. Pour Bear Magnet on bait or around your stand and boost bear activity with this gooey, savory formula that penetrates deep and sticks to everything.


  • 1 Gallon Bottle
  • Use alone or blended with other bait

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