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A-35 Game Camera

Moultrie’s A-35 is all the bang of the A-30 game camera, but more. The smokescreen finished A-35 trail camera increases to 14 MP and has 32 LEDs for a longer flash range of 80 feet to improve nighttime images.

■ Resolution:14.0 MP
■ Trigger speed: less than 0.7 seconds
■ Flash range: 80 ft.
■ Illumination type: Long Range Infrared Flash (32 LED)
■ Detection range: 60 ft.
■ HD Video
■ Photo Resolution: Low 2MP- 1920x1080, high 14 MP- 4992x2808
■ SD Card: 32 GB Max
■ Warranty: 2 years
■ Moultrie Mobile Compatible
■ 72 in. Mounting Strap include

*To connect to Moultrie Mobile, ensure the latest firmware update is installed to the camera. Instructions HERE.
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SKU: MCG-13212